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Plan a trip to Sonoma & Napa with this free, ready-to-go itinerary! Wine country in northern California is vast, unique and dream-like. You can take this vacation multiple times and each time have a new experience. The countryside is beautiful and each winery has a special feel and special wines. A trip to wine country means wine is the priority, but the food is without a doubt right up there too. 

Hop on this trip ASAP because adult Disneyworld will not disappoint! And beyond that, I like to encourage people to consider this area in order to invest back into the wine community who is losing so much due to wildfires each year.

Our crew of four couples had a lot to celebrate with multiple engagements, a birthday and a wedding, so a surprise was in order! And there is nothing better than arriving at a location and having your weekend planned out for you. All you have to do is get on a bus then get off to drink wine << on repeat >>.

My itineraries are made with a focus on doing, eating & drinking, which leads to seeing! Make plans easier. The editable templates allow you to add in your own personality, interests and adventures. Or simply download the PDF for a ready to go version. Enjoy!

Notes for consideration:

  • Book reservations for wineries ahead of time. Many wineries are by appointment only
  • Consider bringing an extra bag of luggage to carry home your wine. This will eliminate major shipping charges
  • Use wine bottle protector sleeves when packing your wine in your luggage. You can purchase them for cheap on Amazon. And then wrap the bottles again with clothing (preferably t-shirts that can be thrown away)
  • If you go to a tasting and buy the wine, they will sometimes waive the tasting fee. This incentivized us to buy at least one bottle per winery

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September 29, 2020