Angeline’s Lomi Kauai

When I think of Hawaii, I think of paradise. Paradise to us involves a really relaxing massage. My sisters both went to Kauai on their honeymoons and visited Angeline’s Lomi Kaui Massage (NOT PICTURED). They did not provide much explanation besides “best massage ever” and “you’ll have two masseuses working on you at the same time”. As we like to joke around, the lack of information provided now looking back is comical. Luckily, we LOVED our massages and the details did not matter. But since they may sway you, I will clue you in.

We drove up north from the south end of the island about 45 minutes to approach a neighborhood. Looking at each other thinking, “Is this the right address?”, we pulled up to eventually see signs for Angeline’s. We were welcomed instantly in the driveway by a man directing us down the long driveway to an open-aired hut within a jungle.

Entering the hut, we were instructed to remove all of our clothes in the changing room and wrap ourselves in a large sarong. If you feel more comfortable leaving a bathing suit on, that’s OK. When ready, we entered the sauna to be greeted by two massage tables where we undressed. Two ladies used a salt mixture to give us a full body scrub for 10 minutes. My skin has NEVER been so soft. It was amazing! What followed was a quick shower and then 60 minutes of four hands massaging your lower body and upper body simultaneously. PURE RELAXATION! I mean, it puts you in a true trance. I still dream of going back. 

I hope this gives you an idea whether you would enjoy this jungle massage experience. For those out there like us, it was truly a unique experience and we highly recommend trying it out! For those who are a bit more shy or don’t like being touched, maybe stick to the beach!