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Granada has a charm like no other. Anywhere we looked, we saw something beautiful — the buildings, the hillsides, the river walk, the cobblestone, the wine. Highlights include Cafe 4 Gatos for coffee and pan con tomate, feeling like we were in Game of Thrones when visiting El Generalife (gardens) & La Alhambra (palace) and tapas hopping (when you buy a drink, you get a free small plate)! 


Seville provides rich history, a cinematic feel and authentic Spanish vibes. The architecture is stunning and every building seems to have a new story. The most popular sites to see were absolutely sights to see — Seville Cathedral, Royal Alcázar of Seville and Plaza de Espana. With so much walking, we enjoyed ourselves some relaxation time at Aire Ancient Baths. And, of course, the wine and tapas crawls continued.


Barcelona is vacation GOALS. It has something for everyone. Beach? Winery? Shopping? Foodie dinners? Authentic markets? Clubs? Yep. We did it all. Except we just walked down to see the beach, not lay out, because the weather was in the 60’s in January. The atmosphere is lively, the streets are so enjoyable to walk around and the city leaves a feeling of familiarity. 


My siblings and I kept saying, “This trip is perfect for a group of four!” It was evenly distributed seat wise on transportation, we usually did not have to wait long for a table for four, there were two double beds in our places of lodging and we always had a partner in crime if we wanted to split up! Highly recommend sibling trips!

My itineraries are made with a focus on doing, eating & drinking, which leads to seeing! Make plans easier. The editable templates allow you to add in your own personality, interests and adventures. Or simply download the PDF for a ready to go version. Enjoy!

Notes for consideration:

  • Do not book travel plans earlier than 11am, if you can help it, because you’ll be most likely falling asleep at 11pm-1am due to jetlag
  • In some European countries, particularly Spain, many restaurants and shops close around 3pm and reopen between 5pm-7pm.
  • Restaurants open for dinner around 7pm at the earliest; 8pm is usually a safe bet
  • You MUST buy tickets for the Alahambra ahead of time, and then arrive 20 minutes early for your reservation. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the grounds entrance to the palace entrance.
  • In Grenada and Seville, when you order drinks, most restaurants will bring you free tapas. This eliminated buying meals some days if we were bar crawling and ate enough tapas to be full!

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