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Plan a trip to California using this free, ready-to-go itinerary! If your group is looking for adventure and relaxation, these recommendations will work for you! My active and wine-forward family fit into both molds, allowing us to enjoy the differences between Sonoma wine country and Yosemite nature valley.


Here’s largely the reason the itinerary title identifies this as an “adult” trip: wine, wine and more wine! Not that we do not LOVE kids, but to fully enjoy, it would be difficult to coordinate without a babysitter. Our family of nine, including significant others, made for a perfectly sized group to visit boutique Sonoma wineries in a small van with a hired driver. The downtown in Sonoma is a picturesque square surrounded by amazing food, lots of ice cream stops and boutique shops.


A change of scenery! We hiked in Yosemite on three separate days, three different routes with the highlight being Mist Trail. The hard work is worth it! You will see the most stunning views, walk under water falls, sit in streams, see wildlife and witness rainbows. Also get in a phenomenal booty workout! Beyond the hikes, our lodging offered amazing campfires, star gazing, pool time and indoor games. 


My itineraries are made with a focus on doing, eating & drinking, which leads to seeing! Make plans easier. The editable templates allow you to add in your own personality, interests and adventures. Or simply download the PDF for a ready to go version. Enjoy!

Notes for consideration:

  • Book winery reservations ahead of time. Some of the boutique wineries are available by appointment only.
  • Consider bringing an extra bag of luggage to carry home your wine. This will eliminate major shipping charges.
  • Use wine bottle protector sleeves when packing your wine in your luggage. You can purchase them for cheap on Amazon. And then wrap the bottles again with clothing (preferably t-shirts that can be thrown away).
  • If you go to a tasting and buy the wine, they will most likely waive the tasting fee. This was an incentive to buy at least one bottle per winery.
  • We enjoyed splitting up our winery tours with an activity day in between to make us feel a little more productive, and like we earned our wine days.
  • If you get car sick, consider asking your doctor some nausea patches or medicine. I wish I would have had it available for the winding drives in Yosemite.
  • Dress appropriately for intense hikes in Yosemite (especially your shoes), bring plenty of snacks and EXTRA water. You may underestimate how long these hikes are!
  • Consider purchasing a small Styrofoam cooler before you get to Yosemite. It’s great to have cold beverages and snacks after your hike.


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