Plan your honeymoon trip to Croatia using this free, ready-to-go itinerary for Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik with the best recommendations from our travels! This trip will provide drool-worthy food, stunning architecture, gorgeous water features and views for days. On top of that, you will enjoy an ideal mix of relaxation, entertainment and romance. Sneak peek below! 

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Plan your trip to Split, Croatia! This adorable ancient town brings a modern feel to Croatia. Spend two days within Old Town and one day venturing the countryside, and you’ll be satisfied. Stay at Heritage Hotel FERMAI. Eat at Ciri Biri Bela, Villa Spiza, ZOI and Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar. Drink at Bar Sistema and Pizzeria Bokamorra. Enjoy the views at Joe’s Beach Lounge & Bar and Spinutska Vrata (state park).

Krka National Park

Plan your trip to Krka National Park in Croatia! Visit this nearly untouched national park consisting of waterfalls, rolling mountains and canals on a day trip with Portal Tours. Only an hour outside of Split, you’ll enjoy the cute town of Skradin, hiking at Roski Slap, lunch in a waterfall at Seosko Domacinstvo Kristijan, family-made wine at Ante Sladic Vino and an authentic meal at Restaurant Vicko Ex Torcida. A fabulous adventure!


Plan your trip to Hvar, Croatia! Don’t miss out on this island port town bringing all the summer resort vibes. Rent a boat for the day with Click & Boat. Stay at the Adriana, hvar spa hotel. Spend your days at Hula Hula Hvar – Beach Bar & Restaurant and Beach Club Hvar. Dine at Konoba Menego, Passarola and Top Bar. And don’t forget about grabbing gelato on your way to the ferry at Aroma Gelato Boutique.


Plan your trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia! Of course, Dubrovnik is on your list. This tourist haven with castle-like walls surrounding a historical town centered within a large mountain exiting to the sea, is magical! Stay within Old Town, so you can easily walk to everything. We loved our Airbnb! Plan a tour with Get Your Guide. Or enjoy your own tour: Star Luka, Lovrijenac, Fort Bokar and the Clocktower. We didn’t do it, but take the cable car up the mountain! Dine at Forty Four Restaurant, Zuzori and Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota Sare. Shop along the streets of Old Town. Lots to do, see, eat and drink here!


Notes for consideration:

  • Do not book travel plans earlier than 10am if you can help it; you’ll be falling asleep at 11pm-2am because jetlag
  • Restaurants open late; so book your dinners at 7PM or later; but with restrictions all places close down at midnight.
  • Croatians accept and welcome tips. 10-15% is standard.
  • Avoid partying irresponsibly. The locals are very protective of their city.

Plan your honeymoon trip to Croatia using this free itinerary for Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik with the best recommendations from our travels!